Ed Emberley is a celebrated award-winning children's illustrator from Massachusetts well known for his series of step-by-step drawing books. In 1970, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals became the first in his namesake series, and has since sold over a million copies. In 2010, Roger Gastman produced Ed Emberley & Friends, an exhibit curated by artist/writer Caleb Neelon at Scion Installation Gallery in Los Angeles. The show featured original drawings by Ed Emberley and five artists whose works were inspired by him: Raul Gonzalez, Seonna Hong, Matt Leines, Christopher Kline and Saelee Oh. This was Ed Emberley's only art exhibit ever, and it drew legions of fans old and new. Exhibited from July 17 - August 7, 2010, the show featured recent drawings and dozens of pages culled from his archives of the original 1970s mockups of his books. A limited-edition print was made especially for the show.