DABSMYLA's artwork erupts from the Visitor’s Center in the lobby of 1515 Broadway, an eclectic assortment of hand-painted books and records and potted plants stacked atop densely decorated shelves and staircases that soar nearly to the ceiling. A cartoon world of peeping foxes and palm trees and crescent moons and walking suns explodes along an adjacent wall. Turn the corner, and visitors encounter a florid dreamworld that resembles a cartoon movie set heaved into reality, an orange settee arranged opposite a hard-bound teepee, back-dropped by a mountain-scape gated by twin fortune wheels. A fox larger than the mountains themselves settles over this domain, the forceful centerpiece of a grand, living piece of artwork. Viacom invited them to bring their work into our offices as part of our ongoing Art at Viacom series. (Taken from Viacom website) 

Additionally, DABSMYLA took over the massive screens in Times Square with their unique visual animation, bringing many of their characters and elements in their artwork to life in front of thousands of visitors each day.