Roger Gastman is the ALF fan boy. Since he was young, he has loved ALF, the furry friendly extraterrestrial and TV sitcom star from the planet Melmac who snacks on cats. In 3rd grade he had Alf posters on his wall and during Obama's first presidential campaign run, Roger countered by buying "Gordon Shumway for President" T-shirts and buttons for his friends. In 2013, in a dream come true, Roger teamed up with lifestyle brand Young & Reckless to create an Alf wonderland at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. The pop-up event and art exhibit included vintage Alf products, mixed ephemera, and Alf and cat piñatas. A licensing collaboration between Alf and Young & Reckless, the event featured T-shirts, original artwork by artists like Cleon Peterson, Tristan Eaton, OMENS and others, and additional merchandise for sale.

P.S. Urkel was there